ENOLA ∙ Wona / Alma d’ oro

ENOLA ∙ Wona / Alma d’ oro

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Introducing our enchanting A-line wedding dress, a true embodiment of grace and beauty. Crafted from delicate tulle fabric, it envelops you in a cloud of ethereal charm. The corset is a work of art, adorned with intricate floral lace that cascades down the bodice, creating a captivating display of romance. The sweetheart neckline accentuates your natural beauty, while delicate tulle bows act as straps, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity. As you walk down the aisle, the long train gracefully trails behind you, leaving a trail of elegance in your wake. Every step is a dance, as the tulle fabric sways with your movement, creating an aura of effortless grace. This A-line wedding dress is a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and modern sophistication, designed to make you feel like a true princess on your special day. With its exquisite details, including the floral lace corset, sweetheart neckline, tulle bows, and captivating train, it is a symbol of everlasting love and a reflection of your unique style.

Are alterations included in the price of the dress?2020-12-13T22:00:27+02:00

Alterations are  included in the price of your Dress.  Once your dress arrives, it will probably need some alterations to make it fit perfectly. Our experienced  seamstresses will  undertake the perfect ion of your gown  and make your dream come true.

What size gowns do you have?2020-12-13T22:01:26+02:00

We’re here to make every woman’s dream Dress Come True. We carry sizes 6-20. However each dress style’s sizes vary.

When you’re trying on gowns , remember that you’ll custom order the size closest to you. In most cases, you’ll also have your gown altered to fit you perfectly.

Do i need το bring shoes or special underwear το my appointment?2020-12-13T22:02:42+02:00

We do have shoes for you, but it’s always acceptable to have shoes that you feel comfortable. So you can bring a pair of heels that you like.

Get into the role before your appointment, allow yourself a bath, wear neutral coloured underwear and perhaps buy a strapless bra, that will allow you to see all styles of dresses. Please wear a light make-up and don’t wear fake tan,in order to protect  the dresses.

How many people should i bring?2020-12-13T22:03:54+02:00

Take your mum and/or one or two trusted friends at most. This is your decision, and you need to be able to listen to your own instincts about what dress makes you feel special. It’s easier to listen to your heart. You can always have others that you may want to see your gown after you have made this important decision.

Do i need an appointment?2020-12-13T22:05:10+02:00

At SPOSA MODA we do work on an appointment system. An appointment is approximately an hour long.  Shopping for your wedding dress is not like shopping for other clothes. Our trained Bridal Assistants, are there to offer you specialist advice and explain the styles and the fabrics. It is our job to help you find the dress of your dreams.

How long in advance should i shop for my dress?2020-12-13T22:07:42+02:00

Most designers require between four to six months to produce your gown, so you should be ordering your gown at least nine months before. Shopping early for your dress will allow you time to choose and make plans for the rest of your wedding.


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